Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia

Welcome to the web site of the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia. The PCHA is a long standing professional organisation.


The Inaugural Meeting of the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists and Examiners of Australasia was held on Sunday, June 26, 1983 in Haberfield, N.S.W. Chairperson for this meeting was Dr. Jack Pathak.
The Founding President elected was Dr. Thad West, and the Vice President, Dr. Jack Pathak. Position of President is held for a period of 4 years, – other officers on Executive Committee for a period of 12 months.
Our past Presidents were Dr. Thad West, Roger Johnson, Margaret O’Brien, Matthew Favaloro, David Taylor, Chris Visman, Elizabeth Bullock. Our current President is William Bullock.

Our strength is in Ongoing Education

The purpose for the formation of this Association was due, at the time, to a perceived deficit in the amount of education provided to practicing hypnotherapists. This Association has dedicated every meeting to education and has met this commitment since inauguration. We provide approximately 4 educational meetings each year, with excellent presenters on a variety of Hypnotherapeutic topics. The social interaction between members is an important aspect of our association.We have conducted these meetings very successfully over many years and continue to do so.
To reflect the changing needs of our members, the name of the Society was changed to The Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. We became incorporated at the same time. Hypnotherapists who belongs to the PCHA are bound by a code of ethics and are highly trained. Our Hypnotherapists are required to attend supervision and ongoing education.

P.C.H.A. is a Non- Profit Organisation

The PCHA is a non profit organisation with membership monies re invested and dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Clinical Hypnotherapy for Hypnotherapists and the professionalism of Hypnotherapy to the wider community.